I'm a philosopher at the University of California, San Diego. I work on conditionals, modality, causal reasoning, expressivism, intentionality, variables, future-oriented talk, and a few more things.

Before coming to UCSD, I did my graduate studies at MIT, was a postdoc at the Australian National University, and was a faculty member at the University of Leeds.

I'm originally from Italy and was born and raised in Turin, the homeland of some of the finest wines and best soccer in the country.


Last modified: 11. 16. 2017


Alternatives and Truthmakers in Conditional Semantics

Forthcoming in Journal of Philosophy (abstract | draft)

Context-Free Semantics

Forthcoming in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Language (abstract | draft)

Probability and Implicatures: a unified account of distributive and free choice inferences under epistemic modals, with Jacopo Romoli

Forthcoming in Semantics & Pragmatics (abstract | draft)

Will Done Better: selection semantics, future credence, and indeterminacy, with Fabrizio Cariani

Forthcoming in Mind (abstract | draft)

Interventions in Premise Semantics

Forthcoming in Philosophers' Imprint (abstract | semi-final version)

Selection Function Semantics for Will, with Fabrizio Cariani

Forthcoming in Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium
(abstract | final version)

Communication for expressivists, with Alejandro Perez Carballo

Ethics 126(3), 2016 (abstract | final version)

Nonfactual Know-How and the Boundaries of Semantics

Philosophical Review 125(1), 2016 (abstract | final version)

Filtering Semantics for Counterfactuals

Proceedings of SALT 24, 2015 (abstract)

Descriptions as Variables

Philosophical Studies 164(1), 2013 (abstract | penultimate draft)

Reference and Monstrosity

Philosophical Review 121(3), 2012 (abstract | penultimate draft)

Modals are Monsters: on Indexical Shift in English

Proceedings of SALT 20, 2011 (abstract)


(comments welcome)

Credence and Consequence for Epistemic Modality

(abstract | draft coming soon)

On the Plurality of Indices

(abstract | draft)